A little bit about me

I am a young student at la Haute École Albert Jacquard. I am the kind of student who touches everything. I like discovering new things to improve my projects. I am a big fan of graphic design and I like to challenge myself in unexplored fields. If there is one thing that I must blame myself is that I often see a little too big. But it's okay, "the bigger the better".

During my first year, my desire was to do web design, "The future Scripture" by learning HTML, Css and Javascript
And during my second year, I was able to deepen my knowledge in code by learning new languages such as JQuery, Scss and a little bit of Php.
But I especially loved learning to do little animation and simulate a mobile application with After Effect.

In my life, it's by having fun that I learned new things and vice versa. I hope that my studies in DWM will allow me to associate my creativity with the world of the web.

My Projects

My Smiley progect image

My Smiley - TFA

End of second year exam: Presentation of a fictional mobile application allowing you to create emojis.

Dataplay progect image

Dataplay - NamurPath

Our project is therefore to establish, in the form of a fun graphic, the progression of the city of Namur from a demographic and architectural point of view through time.

Rethinking progect image

Rethinking UX

January exam: The goal of the workshop was to rethink the user experience of a web service feature.

Web Video Story progect image

Web Video Story

Exercises done in class to learn After Effect software and animation's rules.